Today Was Awesome, even if im $20 poorer...

Posted: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 by DC in

This is Awesome, or as us Kiwis would say, Sweet As!!!  :D I managed to read all the comments this morning just before I had to leave for school. You guys made my day!!!
I had another soccer training today, it was for the 1st XI team. Its been cut down from 60 good players down to 22. And in two weeks its going to be cut again to 15 :(
I hope i get in but if not then i'll definitely get in next year :)

Lol confusing title, I know ;P

I was waiting for my next class and I was just bouncing my soccer ball against the wall. Anyhoo, it turns out that it made the clock fall off the wall and break on the ground.... oops
So I hafta pay my formclass teacher 20 bucks for new clock.
Sigh.. Oh well.

But even that couldn't spoil my Day!! Thanks Guys!!!

Night or Good Morning depending on where you are!!!

P.S. That was so freaky, i've got 7 more followers in like a day and 164 page visits!!


  1. Alan says:

    Well, having friends does have it's price! haha sorry, just couldn't pass on that one.

    Have Fun!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Playing soccer in the land of the All Blacks [knew you had good taste - soccer requires way more skill], sorry you ball play cost you but am glad you had a good day. I think you can thank Andy for the additional traffic here cause after I left here I red Andy's blog and he gave you a nice plug and put up a link to your blog.
    Pleased you worked out who Dragon was - can I ask which song you knew. Mark Hunter [the lead singer] has got a great voice - very sadly he died of throat cancer a few years ago - big loss as he still sang around a few venues in Australia up until the cancer set in.Any way our time difference is not so great that I can wish you a good night DC.
    Regards Stef

  1. Raron says:

    Glad that you had to a great day but that sucks having to pay for a new clock :S bad times. sounds like your good at your sports shame the only thing im good at in sports is tramplaining and apperantly dance. dont think they count lol. you sound like you have quite a bit of a tallent going on there with football :) hope you make it on the team

  1. Octavius says:

    Thought I would say hi there chap. Good luck for making that team too...., football really isn't my thing, but I wish you the best of luck all the same. Cricket was my thing in school, 1st XI all the way... hahahahaha.

    Good to see another Kiwi around these parts, I was beginning to get a little lonely.

    Kooks are great by the way, loved that track right from the beginning!

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  1. DC says:

    What else could it be but 'April Sun In Cuba' Stef? :)

  1. r.jimlad says:

    I like the logo, well stolen!

    I got here through JJ and Raron, how could anyone resist? I got to them through Tristan's "A Rent-Boy Named..." - a whole brotherhood has built itself following Tristan.

    So I got reading this from the start, and I'm glad too that you reconsidered the suicide thing. Yeh, way back then, I considered it a few times and am glad I didn't go through with it. You'd be surprised how many teens reckon that light is either fake or too far away.

    Anyway, the reason for posting here is the clock. Get a receipt from the teacher for the clock you paid for. Why? Because a good school clock should cost less than $20, even $NZ20. You deserve some change! And, if by some slim chance it cost more, you can say you were only asked for $20, you paid, the rest is his prob.

    Must go, I've more to read here.
    r.jimlad (Aussie)

  1. DC says:

    Haha that took me awhile as well to add the little NZ pic into it. I have a Mac, so not having photoshop didnt help :(
    Nah i dont mind about the clock, i said to him that if it was cheaper than $20 to buy another, then to just donate it to this cancer fundraising thing he's organized. Lol he's doing the whole shaving head thing along with the others that join. Its funny cos hes been growing his dreads for 7 years :O

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