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Posted: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 by DC in

I dunno what it is about this song that makes me feel this way, but whenever I listen to it, I cant stop feeling like dancing around and to feel happy. Lol you may not like it much at first (thats what happened to me) but then a cppl of days later i just found myself humming the song and kicking myself for having to wait til i got home b4 i could listen to it on my iPod.

It'll get stuk in ur head, =P

The Kooks - Stormy Weather


  1. Anonymous says:

    DC found you via Rarons blog and heard you mentioned by JJ so curiosity got the better of me. Have enjoyed what you have written so far and decided to follow.
    Found your second post quite interesting sad to think that you contemplated suicide [will say the thought crossed my mind when I was much younger but I didn't have the guts, for which I was very glad] so I am pleased you thought better of it.
    I enjoyed this music clip and can see how it can grow on you, it is very catchy.As I started to listen to it it gave me the feel of the band The Cure [worth checking out if you haven't heard their stuff].I'm an Aussie so not that far away from you.Don't know if you get into older Kiwi bands, but one of your best was Dragon - in my opinion the best band ever to come out of NZ.
    Any way look forward to future posts of our no.2 Parawhore.
    Regards Stef

  1. Raron says:

    hmmmm i have never really liked the kooks but you know this is a really catchy song. actually really like it lol :)

  1. DC says:

    lol i know what you mean Raron, im generally not an avid listener either. But this song, well like you guys said, its catchy.

    Thanks Stef, i'll d/l some of The Cure later, i really like a cppl of their songs. I didnt know the Dragons by name, as soon as I listened to one song I knew them.
    I'm glad I didnt kill myself either (lol that sounds scary when i say it out loud), I'm finally sort of happy again.

    Reading all your guys comments made my day so much better, i just had time to read them b4 went to school.
    :) Thankyou hug from DC

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