Now That The Saddest Ad Ever Is Out Of The Way...

Posted: Friday, March 12, 2010 by DC in

These video's are honestly the funniest I have ever seen, even if one of them is slightly insulting to me (but hey, i've got a sense of humor so i'll admit the invasion one is funny). Both of these are about the love/hate relationship between the Kiwi's and the Aussie's. We're fiercely competitive against each other on the sporting field but we share a common history, shouldering side by side in many past arms conflicts, such as the ANZAC's (Australia & New Zealand Army Corps) so we're all good, its just a bit of fun ribbing :)

The first two videos are produced by two advertising companies that are competing with each other. They've been set this task by the TV program, The Pitch.

I'm sorry, but my pride won't stop me. Yes our Air Force is ShitHouse. Yes our Navy is barely better. But our infantry is actually very well equipped. Lol they wouldnt get far without air support, but the fact remains that our SAS kicks arse!!.

Lol, And Now Ladies And Gentlemen, It Is Time For Payback. May I Present...


And now one of our own Mitre 10 ads.

Haha I hope you enjoyed them as much as I do!! :)

Sorry Stef, but I couldn't resist.



  1. Billy says:

    They are very funny.
    Hey, are there any sporting contests going on between us at the moment?

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC I reckon you are a very fair person [for a kiwi that is hehe!!!]. At least you gave us equal time. They are very funny videos - cracked me right up. On a serious note you showed a lot of people from different countries just how beautiful both our countries really are - the scenic shots on the vids are stunning.
    Just a little footnote for you [and something you can have a big giggle about] is the Aussies came over earlier this week and knocked of the Auckland Cup with a horse called Zavite, funny part is he is bred in NZ.I will say you guys have bred some really great horses over the years - even though we like to think of Pharlap as an Aussie, he is a Kiwi through and through.
    Have a good one Stef

  1. Raron says:

    Hehe those videos are actually quite funny i wonder if there are any videos like that about england lol bet there is. hehe they were really funny seems like you have a good sense of humor. i dunno i think its ok that people take the mic out each other as long as it doesnt get to far you know like playful banter :)

    and OMG that woman on the panel stole what i say :O lol but i think i say genius in a much cooler way :P jokes

  1. r.jimlad says:

    You wouldn't happen to be talking about the 1-day cricket where the kiwis managed to get a game off us? They've got a change of another game before Michael Clarke gets back, he-he.

    DC, this is a good blog, I like your easy style and sense of humour. I am being educated by your music. I can't add anything to what Stef has said about older kiwi music, he's right on the mark.

    Paramore has a good gutsy sound, it's amazing what you can do with half a dozen chords and some good imagination! btw That's not an insult, Rock'n'Roll is based on half a dozen chords anyway, he-he. And she is CUTE, Raron has taste.

    Like it, bro

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