Name Change

Posted: Friday, September 3, 2010 by DC in

So I changed the name of my blog. I dunno, I just didn't feel like "Trying To Find My Path" summed up me in a few words. Yeah i am trying to find my path, but i think i like this better =)

Basically "Flightless" is about my love of aviation and dreams of going into that, and mainly be being a Kiwi :D (real life kiwis cannot fly :P) and how I'm stranded and surrounded by obstacles that life thought would be fun to throw at me (can't really see how its fun for me, but i'll just go with it ^_^)

Well this week was just plain boring without L, lol i spent half the week texting him and chatting with him on Facebook.

@J.C "I guess one of the hardest parts of liking the same sex is not knowing, at least for sure, which ones share this same characteristic...

100% correcto, the fact that theres still bigoted homophobes in society doesn't help either. They make it so much harder to come out cos you never now how some people will react.


I don't envy myself either, but its the cards I got from fate (or whatever people believe in) and I'll just have to live with them. Back when I was depressed, i felt like i'd never be accepted and never find anyone to fall in love with. But, If i killed myself, what would it really achieve? Yes, I wouldn't have to go through the difficult and rocky path of growing up gay, but thats worth it if i even get the slimmest chance at a shot of love. I decided to bet on life (lol what is with my gambling similes?) because if i'm determined that, even if my coming out ends up with no friends left over afterwards, some kid 10 years from now will have it easier.

Im not exactly looking forward to coming out to everyone at sometime in the future (theres a lot of bigoted homophobes in New Zealand highschools, peer pressure to think that way is a big reason why) but if it does come out, then i'll be fucked (not literally, get yor heads out of that gutter! =P) before i'll be ashamed of that. If they've got a problem with me, they might find out that gays aren't necessary the stupid stereotype introduced by the media. Muscles and fighting ability aren't restricted to straights, although some of them think that way.

(Sorry Octavius, that wasn't really directed at you, once i started typing i couldnt stop =P)

But yeah, i dunno, i don't think L is homophobic or anything (much). I think he'll probably be shocked but if i told him but.... I'll try what you suggested, its good advice (and like Stef says, you're spot on as usual =D)

Thanks Stef, i'll keepa working at trying to figure out a answer as well =P oh and find some anti-aussie emails =P