So.... This is Awkward :)

Posted: Friday, May 21, 2010 by DC in

Basically, in case you haven't noticed, I'm really good at procrastinating. I just kept on putting this off over and over again.

What to say?

Well today I had my last Mid Year Exam. Pretty sure I did okay, Chemistry was hard though because we had to do titrations. To make it harder, for excellence you have to have your 3 concordant results have to have a maximum range of 0.2 mL. Also, your average titre has to be within 0.2 mL of the teachers result. It was actually kinda fun though, I like Science.

Had another spell of depression :( But its all good now :D It kinda just caught back up with me.

I'm finding that I'm listening to music even more religiously now, I can relate to the message in some of them and it lets me think awhile.

My Birthday on the Monday 24th, Yesssss!!!! Got four paintball guns now, so me and my mates are gonna spend the whole day paintballing on Saturday :) Bringggg Ittttt Onnnn!!!!!!!

Damn... I like my best friend... As in like like. Problem is he's got a girlfriend, so my only chance is if he's Bi? Look at me, soon I'll be organising the wedding. But seriously, I'm just so scared of falling in love with him, I mean, what do i do? I mean, that could kill the friendship right there, even if it didn't, it'd still be awkward. Its just whenever he walks up smiling, I cant help from grinning.


Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit


  1. Octavius says:

    Good to hear from you again dude, it has been a while. Hahaha..., all good though, there's no hard and fast rules here.

    Hope you did do well on those exams.

    Hugs, Courage and Honour!


  1. Anonymous says:

    It is nice to hear from you again DC.
    You like like your best friend - think a lot of us have been down that road - if your friend is true you could try to come out to him - if all goes well you could still have a good friend or it may go super well and you may have a lover - but that is a decision only you can make.
    Have a good weekend
    Regards Stef

  1. Austin says:

    It's pretty common to like best friends. I've always told people that the difference between "best friends" and "boyfriends" is how the intimacy is expressed, not in how it's felt. Just so long as you can keep it focused on the "I like being around him" side and not the "why is he screwing that whore" side, it'll be okay.

  1. Aaron says:

    I'm glad you're ok now - i.e. the depression bit. :) Next time, don't hide in the dark or wallow in it alright. :)

    I would just echo what Austin said. :) Just make sure you be careful with the amount of intimacy.

  1. JJ says:

    Hey DC, look at Mike and Me, I really liked him a lot to, but he was with girls to and I thought he was straight, I sure got woke up the day he told me he was gay. The best day of my life. You don't know but you still got to be careful.

    I am glad you are over the depression to. It can take you to some pretty weird places if you let it. Love you, Hugs JJ

  1. Rowan says:

    I have a good friend tht i like a lot too DC, but in my case, i have suspicions tht he may be gay. I dunno, i suppose im just too scared or don't know where to go from here.


    Also, seeing as im on summer break im getting round to linking more blogs, so ive put yours in my blog list :)


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